Monday, January 12, 2009

The calm

So Christmas is over and we are settling back into the swing of life after "the season". We are getting a better handle on Youth Group and have had decent attendance at the last event, bowling with the middle schoolers. It will be fun to watch these middle school kids grow up with the youth group.Brad has just started rehearsals for the show he is directing at Hilliard Davidson HS. The show is Don't Drink the Water and will go up February 20th and 21st. He thinks it's going to be a good show and the kids he's working with seem to be good kids.

I am am in two weddings in the next 15 months and am Matron (WHAT?!?!) of Honor for both. It's going to be a fun time with all the planning and party having and such. I'm excited for both girls and have had a blast watching them try on different options for gowns and reveling in their brand new engagements. However watching them and helping them makes me glad that mine is over and that I have a wonderful husband to be with. Those dresses are beautiful though.

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hey i want a playlist! tell me how please?