Thursday, September 30, 2010

Weekly Update - 11 weeks

Going to a ballet. Good timing Erin, my eyes are shut.

How far along: 11 weeks

Total weight gain: Don't know yet. Two doctors appointments next week, so I will know then.

Maternity clothes: Nothing yet. I did pick up a Be Band for when I can't button my jeans. But I haven't really gotten to any real stage of showing.

Sleep: This week I have been sleeping like a rock but waking up tired. This week two nights I haven't even woken up to go to the restroom throughout the night. I probably need to be drinking more water.

Best moment of the week: Seeing Requiem with Erin. It's been a while since I've had down time with her and it was really nice to spend time with her that wasn't driving to and from work.

Movement: None yet. The baby is supposedly kicking away but I can't feel it yet.

Gender: I had some pretty strong boy feelings at the beginning of the week but they have settled down to just a boy simmer.

Labor signs: None

Belly button in or out: In

What I miss: Sweets. I'm not having aversions to sweets they just don't sound tasty.

What I'm looking forward to: Seeing the baby at our Monday appointment and then hearing the baby again on Thursday with my mom.
Weekly wisdom: Take a minute every day or every other to check out your body. Notice what is changing and what isn't yet. It's amazing that our bodies can do this. Love it!

Milestones: We started cleaning out the study, in order to move stuff from the office into that room and get the office cleared out for a nursery. We also went into Babies-R-Us for the first time as parents-to-be (shopping for a baby shower). It's a little overwhelming, how many different kinds of pacifiers can really exist.

What's happening with the baby: Your baby is just over 1 1/2 inches long and about the size of a fig. They are also almost fully formed. It's hands will soon open and close into fists and some of the bones are beginning to harden. They are already kicking away more frequently . You won't feel it for another couple of months. Also, the diaphragm is forming and hiccuping is becoming a regular thing.

What's happening with you: If your like most women, you may be starting to feel more energetic now and your nausea may be starting to wane. Unfortunately, you may be suffering from constipation and heartburn. It's all for a good cause, right? Your appetite will likely return soon, and you'll start to gain about a pound a week.

How are you feeling: This week has been a tired week for me. I don't feel like I'm getting enough sleep or exercise. My nephew comes over almost every day and wants to play and play and play and I just want to sleep. I play though and then fall into bed. Salty stuff was the craving of the week. That seems to have tapered off a bit but salty still sounds good. Nausea is mild but I picked up some prego drops to see if that would help or not. I'm trying to be better about drinking my water, I slacked off a bit for a few days. I also noticed the blue veins that they mentioned in the What to Expect book a few weeks ago. Kinda weird to see. Towards the end of the day I have been getting comments about my belly from people that know me really well and know my body, I keep saying it's just gas and they laugh at me.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Maternity Update - 10 weeks

How far along: 10 Weeks!

Total weight gain: I think I'm only going to update this after appointments, If I want to do it more often I have to buy a scale.

Maternity clothes: I bought a maternity shirt but I'm not close to wearing it yet. No bump equals no maternity clothes.

Sleep: Sleep is pretty normal still I'm getting up an average of 3 times a night to pee. It's not bad though.

Best moment of the week: Being told I was "one of them" at book club and knowing that that means that I will have great care while I'm in the hospital.

Movement: None yet that isn't gas.

Gender: Strong feelings of boy. Craving lots of salty and spicy.

Labor signs: None

Belly button in or out: In

What I miss: Not getting random pains in my growing uterus area. I thought I was done with growing pains in my teens.

What I'm looking forward to: Date night with Brad to see Inception. Might invite some others along and make it a double date.

Weekly wisdom: Gas-ex works miracles!!!! Invest!

Milestones: We did the finger prick test to get ready for the Ultra-screen (test that screens for Downs and Trisomy 13 and 18, I believe). I made Brad be my doctor. He had to clean and stab my finger, clean it after we got the 5 drops of blood we needed and put the band-aid on. It was actually a lot more fun doing it that way then if Brad would have just watched me do it.

What's happening with the baby: Baby is a little over an inch or so long and weighs less then a quarter of an ounce, about the size of a kumquat. Baby has also completed the most critical portion of it's development. The fetal period is a time when the tissues and organs rapidly grow and mature. It's swallowing fluid and kicking up a storm! Baby has tiny nails forming on separate toes and fingers (no more webbing) and peach fuzz hair is growing on it's tender skin. Baby's limbs can bend now too!

What's happening with you: At the next prenatal appointment, you should be able to hear the heartbeat with the help of a Doppler. Before pregnancy, your uterus was the size of a small pear. By this week it's as big as a grapefruit. You may or may not be ready for maternity clothes. If not, your clothes may be becoming uncomfortably tight and your blossoming are straining the seams of your bra. The thickening in your midsection is most likely due to slight weight gain and bloating.

How are you feeling: Feeling better this week. The nausea has faded for the most part. Gas is still a daily thing but I think that's around to stay, or at least that's what I've heard. I'm more moody then I have been. My mood fluctuates a lot. Feeling like I'm looking chubby and not prego. My mom keeps saying that I've got two in there, I think I'm just gassy. :) The first ultrasound only showed one and I hope we stick with that. The last thing I want to do when I get home is laundry, so can I tell you how low I am on work pants! Other then that I'm doing pretty good. I spent a lot of time this week reading for book club and almost finished the book. Not something I would have read had it not been the book that was chosen, but it gave me excuses to be more lazy. We really need to get back in the habit of walking in the evenings, we have defiantly slacked on that.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Maternity Monday - 9 weeks

How far along: 9 weeks

Total weight gain: I didn't get on the scale or get a picture taken this week.

Maternity clothes: Not yet.

Sleep: Starting to get up more frequently during the night. Not uncomfortable yet though.

Best Moment of the Week: Finding out how wonderful the Gas-x dissolving strips are.

Movement: None

Gender: Feeling boy still, I think.

Labor signs: Not yet

Belly Button in or out: In. Contemplating the belly ring... should it stay or should it go now?

What I miss: Not feeling sick half the day or more. Ahhh, I crave the days of no nausea.

What I'm looking forward to: Not baby related, but I'm looking forward to the Ren Fest this weekend.

Weekly wisdom: Enjoy when you are feeling good. Get some things done. You will inevitably return to not feeling great.

Milestones: The baby has graduated from embryo to the fetus stage! Is that exciting, yeah kinda.

What's happening with the baby: Your baby is about an inch long, that's grape sized for those of you who like the comparisons, and weighs just a fraction of an ounce. They are starting to look more human. All essential body parts are accounted for even though they will be doing fine tuning for months. Your baby's heart finishes dividing into four chambers and the valves start to form this week. They have tiny ear lobes and teeth buds. The eyes are fully formed but their eyelids are fused shut and won't open until 27 weeks. The placenta is now taking over producing hormones. Most of the basics are in place so prepare your self for that little babe to start gaining weight.

What's happening with me: You still may not look pregnant even if your waist is thickening a bit. You probably feel pregnant, though. Not only are morning sickness and other physical symptoms out in full force, but you may feel like an emotional pinball. Mood swings are common. Try to cut yourself some slack. For most women, moodiness flares up at around six to ten weeks and eases up in the second trimester. Don't bid farewell to it completely though, it commonly reappears as pregnancy winds to a close.

How are you feeling: This week is the first week that I have really felt pregnant. I had a fair amount of nausea and was pretty sleepy. I also am starting to feel chubby, not pregnant, just like I'm gaining weight and that it mostly shows up when my tummy is full. After I eat I'm all pudgy looking and when I'm all full of ouchy tummy gas. The gas so far has been the worse. It's not the kind of gas that will come out, it just stays inside and makes me hurt. It will get better and I'm lucky that it's taken this long to get to the uncomfortable part so, I'll take it I guess.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Estimated Due Date!

written 9-9-10

Today was the first appointment with our OB/GYN. I've been going to her forever and Brad actually met her at Rusty Bucket a while ago. This was his first time seeing her in doctor mode though. He was a note taking fiend!

We did the expected: pee in a cup, weight, BP, blood draw, all that jazz. She confirmed that we were right about where we thought we were in our number of weeks pregnant. I'll will be pushing this little thing out right around April 16th, 2011. We got to experience seeing our little baby for the first time. It was so cool. Brad just kept saying "What! What! What!". I think he was a little excited. That was a very similar reaction to when we found out we were pregnant. It still feels really surreal. I feel really good compared to what I'm sure I could be feeling. I don't have crazy symptoms. Hopefully I'm not just a late bloomer. :) Anyhow, it's little heart was fluttering away and we even got to see it karate chop and kick at the same time. It was sooo cool.

We also were informed that once you see the heart fluttering away, your miscarriage rate drops to about 5%. So we got the go ahead to tell the people we love the most. :)

Right after our appointment we called Brad's family to let them all know our exciting news. Everyone was very happy to hear that we are expecting. Now we are going to tell our friends and then I will actually get to post these post that I have been writing and saving.

Here is our little squish!

Hi Squish!

Your Daddy and I, (and everyone else that knows at this point)are very excited that you exist and are developing really well. We're very excited to get to go through pregnancy with you. Welcome to our life. Keep on doing really well in there, ok. We love you already, so much!



Maternity Monday - 8 weeks

written 9-7-10

How far along: 8 weeks

Total weight gain: I was down 2lbs when I checked. But not really sure

Maternity clothes: Not yet

Sleep: Decent, Falling asleep well, getting up once a night for a bathroom trip. Napping is becoming my friend.

Best moment of the week: First pre-natal appointment. Seeing the little squish on the ultrasound machine. Brad not knowing where to stand so he doesn't get to see "it all" in a new way.

Movement: none

Gender: Not having any strong feelings. Probably feeling boy more then girl. Not sure.

Labor signs: None

Belly button in or out: In

What I miss: Eating anything I want. Like all the yummy cheeses.

What I'm looking forward to: Starting to show a little. I'm trying to love the stage I'm in though.

Weekly wisdom: Enjoy feeling good when you do. It could be fleeting.

Milestones: 1st Ultrasound. Saw the heartbeat!

What's happening with the baby: Webbed fingers and toes are poking out from it's little hands and feet. Our little smush has eyelids that practically cover it's eyes, breathing tubes extend from it's throat to the branches of it's little developing lungs. That little tail is just about gone. In it's brain, nerve cells are connecting to one another, forming primitive neural pathways. He or she is about the size of a kidney bean and is constantly moving and shifting, even though I can't feel it yet.

What's happening with me: You may notice that your bra is getting more snug. Soon you'll likely need a bigger size with better support. Don't be surprised if you go up a cup or two, especially if it's your first baby. Fatigue caused by hormonal changes may be contributing to your sluggishness. Nausea and vomiting can certainly cost you enery. And you may be having trouble getting a good night's sleep at this point, especially if you're uncomfortable or find you need to get up to pee.

How am I feeling: I'm still feeling really good. I'm more able to nap during the day but don't find myself needing one every day or anything. Nausea is still not a very big concern. My boobs are getting bigger and some of my pants just aren't as comfortable as they used to be. I'm not feeling as bloated as I was, but I do feel like I'm floating most of the time due to all this stinking water I have to drink. Good all around.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thankful Thursdays!

IT'S THURSDAY! Friday junior according to one of the girls in my office. Thank you for it being almost Friday Lord. I'm having a bit of a rough week with pregnancy related stuff.

Anyhow, this week I'm thankful for.......

  • This little baby that is growing inside of me. It's now officially a fetus. Keep hanging in there little olive to plum sized baby!

  • Deep breathing- Nausea is being a b**** this week. I'm not really having it bad compared to the "normal" pregnancy, but it's still no fun.
  • Sweaters - It's getting to be the season for sweaters and I love it.
  • New windows - my parents had new windows installed yesterday. They are very nice, it was strange to not hear the storm last night though.
  • JJ - I love him. He is sweet and crazy and all boy. We spent some time reading stories last night. Heaven forbid he get under the bed covers to snuggle with his clothes on. :)
  • That children don't come out 4 years old. I think Brad and I both need to grow into the parents of a four year old. If they came out with that much energy and spunk, we would be in sad shape.

I'm not feeling super great, so that's my list for today. I hope your day is leaving you feeling better then mine is. Enjoy it. What are you thankful for?

Maternity Mondays- 7 weeks

written 8-30-10

Ahh, not so bloated this week.

How far along: 7 weeks

Total weight gain: I didn't get on the scale today, maybe I'll update it later this week.

Maternity clothes: No but I did find a pair of jeans that I can no longer wear without using the hair band trick.

Sleep: Good for now. Still sleeping which ever way I want to. If I do wake up in the middle of the night I have to go to the restroom, but I don't think I wake up because I have to go.

Best moment of the week: The office figuring it out. I got called out for having a pickle that I didn't even eat. Brad and I had discussed that I wouldn't lie to the office if they called me out on it, but I was going to wait until at least after our first appointment. They were VERY excited for me though and it was fun to let them know.

Movement: none

Gender: This week I have been calling it a girl.

Labor signs: none

Belly button in or out: In

What I miss: Not having to worry about nausea.

What I'm looking forward to: Our first appointment on the 9th.

Weekly wisdom: Enjoy still mostly having your "normal body". It will go away soon enough.

Milestones: No big ones this week. Baby is about the size of a blueberry.

What's happening with the baby: Hands and feet are emerging from the developing arms and legs. Baby is still considered an embryo because it still has a small tail, which is an extension of the tailbone. Your baby has doubled in size since last week and now measures half an inch long, about the size of a blueberry. Your baby is getting eyelids to cover those eyes, which already have some color.

What's happening with you: Your uterus has doubled in size in the past five weeks, and eating may feel like a chore - or worse - thanks to morning sickness. You may need to pee more then usual, to, thanks to your increasing blood volume and the extra fluid being processed through your kidneys. (You have about 10 percent more blood now then you did before you were pregnant.)

How are you feeling: I'm feeling pretty good still. Naps are wonderful, but not always needed. Eating is a bit of a pain. Getting to full is a really bad idea. It makes for some really miserable time after eating. Nausea comes and goes but breast tenderness seems to be here to stay. Over all though, still feeling pretty good.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Maternity Monday - 6 weeks

written: 8-23-10

I think this pic was taken after I had eaten, so I'm more bloated then normal.

How far along: 6 weeks

Total weight gain: +0 so far according to our scale at home.

Maternity clothes: No bump or anything so no need for maternity clothes yet.

Sleep: I seem to be more fussy at night when I'm getting ready to sleep. I'm not falling asleep as easily as I used to. I can still sleep any way I want to.

Best moment of the week: Not baby related at all, but my sister getting a car.

Movement: Not yet. Gas doesn't count.

Gender: I have been feeling boy since we found out.

Labor signs: nope

Belly button in or out: In. It's pretty deep so I wonder if it will pop or not.

What I miss: Not having to worry about if I'm eating something that is on the no-no list

What I'm looking forward to: Our 1st appointment in 2 weeks and being able to let the cat out of the bag.

Weekly wisdom: Don't push yourself too much. You'll regret it later.

Milestones: We should have a heartbeat this week.

What is happening with the baby: Baby is now the size of a sweet pea! Growing like crazy, baby is starting to sprout eyes, ears, nose, cheeks, and chin. Those little hands and feet -- still webbed like paddles -- might wiggle by week's end, the heart is beating (almost twice as fast as your!), and blood is starting to circulate.

What is happening with you: You've probably stumbled on the truth by now: Thanks to your surging hormones, morning sickness can (and does) occur morning , noon, and night. As you feel yourself turning yet another shade of green, just try to remember it's for an amazing cause -- that rapidly growing baby inside your upset belly!

How are you feeling: It seems that the symptoms that I do have tend to come and go. I'm not having a problem with fatigue. I suspect that this will change soon. I get nauseous during the work week, no actual puking yet though. When I can go at my own pace on the weekends, I don't seem to have many issues with it. Breast tenderness comes and goes too. Although, I am noticing that they have a bit more movement then they used to.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Us + 1 = 3!

Written 8-13-10

That's right! B and I are having a baby. We are very excited.

On Tuesday, I was officially two days late. I was having some minor symptoms. No real, YOUR PREGNANT, signs but I just had a feeling. I told B that if I hadn't started my period by 2:30 then he was running to get a Home Pregnancy Test. I said I was going to wait until Wednesday morning to test. In reality I knew I wouldn't though.

I got home and the tests were on the bed, so I popped into the restroom and toke the test. They tell you that you have to wait 3 minutes for the results. Let me tell you, it only took about 7 seconds to show that we were in fact PREGNANT. B was walking down the stairs to get water and I called him to come back up. He expected it to take a minute or so. He came jogging back up the stairs and I showed him the test. We were both a bit stunned but excited. We've been trying for a while so it was crazy to think that it finally worked.

After a little bit of hugging and excitement I continued to get ready for dance class. Brad kept trying to tell me that I should take it easy tonight. He was talking about it with mom in the room so we decided to tell her then. I grabbed the HPT and handed it to her. She had no idea what it was. She thought it was a thermometer. :) Once she figured it out she was being happy with us. Dad wasn't home so we had to wait to tell him.

Mom and I discussed babyness on the way to class and I danced like normal. I already did the Irish Fest as a prego and the books say that you can continue your exercise routines in moderation. So, on the way home we talked about how to tell Dad. He has offered in the past to make a crib so we decided that I should take a little onesie in and ask him when he was going to start on the crib.

When we got home I did what we had talked about and he hesitantly took the balled up onesie from me and opened it. I saw that happiness grow from his eyes. "Is it time to start the crib?" was his answer. "Yes, sir". Laughter and immediate web searching commenced.

We haven't told anyone else yet and it's been kind of fun to have this little secret between us. Our first doctors appointment is scheduled for Sept 9th. The estimated due date is mid April 2011.

Hurray for expanding our family!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Is there or isn't there?

written: 8-10-10

When your trying to conceive, you get to that two week wait after you've ovulated and you start to question and analyze every little weirdness in your body. Is that an implantation cramp? Are your headaches related to babyness? Do you have heartburn cuz you ate something that would have normally caused heartburn or because you have a little squish in your belly?

We haven't been hiding that we have been trying to conceive since August 2009. We weren't trying really hard, like temping and making sure to baby dance on certain days, in the beginning. No luck so we/I started temping and charting. Still no luck. At my last OB/GYN appointment we decided that I would talk to her about it. So, I discussed with my Dr. what we should do. She suggested using an Ovulation Predictor Kit for two cycles and seeing what happened. Well, we did that for one cycle and I was bad at it. The next cycle (this one) I was much better at it, but when the "Hot Week" came B and I decided that this isn't the most opportune time to get prego. He doesn't have a job yet and we aren't doing great financially. Anyhow, we made the decision to skip "Hot Week" and therefore skip trying this cycle.

Fast forward to two weeks after that decision was made. That would be two days ago! My normal luteal phase is 12 days. Today is day 14. No sign of that monthly friend as of yet. Brad has been sent to pick up a test. If my friend doesn't stop by I will be testing tomorrow morning.

Who ever said that God doesn't have his hand in all things?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thankful Thursdays!

Today I am thankful for lots of things. Let's see what I can list.
  • New jobs, even if they are just long term temp positions.
  • Getting things done around the house.
  • Family support
  • Working in such a supportive, friendly office
  • Football Season!! GO BUCKS!!!!!
  • The beginning of sweater weather
  • Friends that don't get concerned when you don't see each other for a little while.
  • New dance related opportunities.
  • A husband who loves me even when I'm a little crazy
  • Pickles

I think that's good for now. What are you thankful for?