Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Us + 1 = 3!

Written 8-13-10

That's right! B and I are having a baby. We are very excited.

On Tuesday, I was officially two days late. I was having some minor symptoms. No real, YOUR PREGNANT, signs but I just had a feeling. I told B that if I hadn't started my period by 2:30 then he was running to get a Home Pregnancy Test. I said I was going to wait until Wednesday morning to test. In reality I knew I wouldn't though.

I got home and the tests were on the bed, so I popped into the restroom and toke the test. They tell you that you have to wait 3 minutes for the results. Let me tell you, it only took about 7 seconds to show that we were in fact PREGNANT. B was walking down the stairs to get water and I called him to come back up. He expected it to take a minute or so. He came jogging back up the stairs and I showed him the test. We were both a bit stunned but excited. We've been trying for a while so it was crazy to think that it finally worked.

After a little bit of hugging and excitement I continued to get ready for dance class. Brad kept trying to tell me that I should take it easy tonight. He was talking about it with mom in the room so we decided to tell her then. I grabbed the HPT and handed it to her. She had no idea what it was. She thought it was a thermometer. :) Once she figured it out she was being happy with us. Dad wasn't home so we had to wait to tell him.

Mom and I discussed babyness on the way to class and I danced like normal. I already did the Irish Fest as a prego and the books say that you can continue your exercise routines in moderation. So, on the way home we talked about how to tell Dad. He has offered in the past to make a crib so we decided that I should take a little onesie in and ask him when he was going to start on the crib.

When we got home I did what we had talked about and he hesitantly took the balled up onesie from me and opened it. I saw that happiness grow from his eyes. "Is it time to start the crib?" was his answer. "Yes, sir". Laughter and immediate web searching commenced.

We haven't told anyone else yet and it's been kind of fun to have this little secret between us. Our first doctors appointment is scheduled for Sept 9th. The estimated due date is mid April 2011.

Hurray for expanding our family!!!

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erin.patrice said...

I love the back blogging! Yay!