Monday, September 13, 2010

Is there or isn't there?

written: 8-10-10

When your trying to conceive, you get to that two week wait after you've ovulated and you start to question and analyze every little weirdness in your body. Is that an implantation cramp? Are your headaches related to babyness? Do you have heartburn cuz you ate something that would have normally caused heartburn or because you have a little squish in your belly?

We haven't been hiding that we have been trying to conceive since August 2009. We weren't trying really hard, like temping and making sure to baby dance on certain days, in the beginning. No luck so we/I started temping and charting. Still no luck. At my last OB/GYN appointment we decided that I would talk to her about it. So, I discussed with my Dr. what we should do. She suggested using an Ovulation Predictor Kit for two cycles and seeing what happened. Well, we did that for one cycle and I was bad at it. The next cycle (this one) I was much better at it, but when the "Hot Week" came B and I decided that this isn't the most opportune time to get prego. He doesn't have a job yet and we aren't doing great financially. Anyhow, we made the decision to skip "Hot Week" and therefore skip trying this cycle.

Fast forward to two weeks after that decision was made. That would be two days ago! My normal luteal phase is 12 days. Today is day 14. No sign of that monthly friend as of yet. Brad has been sent to pick up a test. If my friend doesn't stop by I will be testing tomorrow morning.

Who ever said that God doesn't have his hand in all things?