Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our first married Christmas

It was wonderful. Christmas eve Brad and I went with my family and all significant others to my Dad and brothers church for midnight service. All our presents were wrapped so we didn't have to stay up after church to wrap. I think this is the first year in as many as I can remember that I haven't stayed up even later to wrap presents. We woke up Christmas morning around 8:30 and had cinnamon rolls and opened 1 gift each. Around noon we packed up what was under our tree and headed to my parents. JJ had spent the morning with his biological dad so he had just gotten back when we got there. I helped Devin and Dad wrap gifts that weren't finished and we waited for Mom to get home. We started opening gifts around 4 and finished around 6.

We were surprised because my cousin Courtney was in town and came to spend a few hours with us and went to visit with Grama too. Grama decided not to come to our house this year for both Christmas and Thanksgiving. She has decided that at 99 she shouldn't have to leave her apartment unless she wants to..... and she doesn't want to.

Overall, it was a wonderful Christmas. Very relaxing and great for our first Christmas as a married couple. I hope that next year we can afford to travel to see Brad's family and experience all the "exciting" things that go along with traveling during the holiday season.

Now for some pictures. :) This would be Brad choking Neala during our family picture.
And of course, the "kids" on Christmas after they got feathers everywhere from the toys in their stockings. :)Gaius showing off some of the feather mess.

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