Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ah, so glad I'm not that young!

I think that when a whole family feeds and grows off of drama, they welcome a person that has those qualities already ingrained in themselves. I don't know how to deal with the family my little sister is marrying into. I'm am not a fake person. I'm not going to say I approve of things that I don't and I'm not going to hold my opinion in when I'm included in a conversation that steers towards things I do or do not agree with. This causes some turmoil between our families without our (my family) knowing. My whole family is open and fourth coming with information. We aren't caculating and manipulative. With the family "rift" if you will, though I don't know how you can say that it is a rift if one party doesn't even know it exists, it seems that most issues revolve around our (both families) mulitpule opinions of one particular person. People defend her by saying that she's young. I don't think thats true. I think she's lost. She doesn't know who she is without the gossip that comes with high school and high school friends. She doesn't know how to dress without the models that are scattered throughout her place of employment. She doesn't know how to be in a functional relationship, the ones that are closest to her that she pays attention to are disfunctional. She doesn't know how to be a part of a conversation that doesn't revolve around her, because most do. People in that family are so focused on the outside impression and keeping the peace that no one is willing to disrupt the waters and help each other grow if it needs to be started in a negative way. I'm glad that I have been nurtured and raised to be able to know my self, even if my self is ever changing and I'm ever rediscovering who I am. At least I can interact with out gossiping and dress with out too much help, and love with out hurting those I love. Thank you Mom and Dad, Devin, Erin and Brad for helping me to become the person that I am. I know we fight, but we never fight like that.

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