Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer show

So we're getting ready to go into the week before the show. Costumes are being finalized, dances finished. Putting a little spit polish on everything. Ok maybe alot. This year the time flew by and we're already to this time. It seems shorter then normal. Erin has two songs and a medium sized role this year. First time ever!!!! She's hoping to keep building her status with Robin so that if they ever actually do Les Miserables she can get one of those parts. She's doing wonderfully! Good Job, Erin!

On another note, Brad's birthday was yesterday. We're actually celebrating Friday/Saturday, but I did give him the book Helter Skelter. I think he'll enjoy it. :) I hope so at least because it's a monster of a book.

We're closing in on Katy's wedding. She's holding up really well under the stress. It's funny to watch her and Erin go through what I was a little over a year ago. I'm glad I'm just in charge of small parties and not a whole wedding again. Good luck girls, your doing great!. Now I just have to get those stinking shower invites out. That's my weekend goal. I can do it!

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erin.patrice said...

You need to update more often you slacker!!!!!