Monday, September 14, 2009

Ligonier, PA

This weekend we had a (dance) competition in Ligonier. This is one that my sister and I have competed at many times. My dad said he would be happy to go with me so I didn't have to make the drive alone. I'm not good at staying awake on long trips. Anyhow, we left after work on Friday and drove our 3.5 hours. We got checked in and after about an hour of listening to the guy in the next hotel room over snore, got some sleep. Saturday morning never comes quickly enough for me when it's competition day.
This is the hotel we stayed in. It was cute and small and had a historic feel to it.

Saturday was cool and sunny. It was actually perfect weather for dancing. I met my dancer at the site and her mom already had her registered and mostly dressed. Dance mom's are truly a blessing! So I got her shoes on and warmed up. We got a decent amount of time on the stage beforehand. First dance, Lilt, was a bit shaky. Eyes darting, possible crashing, to many little steps, but overall not bad. Second dance, Fling, got her feet back under her. This one is by far her best dance. We got those eyes looking where they are supposed to and brain focused again. Third dance, Sword, didn't touch the sword and no major flubs. Couldn't ask for a whole lot more. OK I could, but I didn't. :) Last dance, Seann Tribuhas, needs work but she didn't fall off the stage, which I was worried about in that second step. She smiled nicely and was one of the only ones that clapped.

After she dances her last dance she is then allowed to watch the other dancers. As we waited for the awards to be calculated I got a chance to chat with the mothers of one of my fellow dancers from years ago. It was fun to find out that he was working in NYC as a haute couture fashion designer and was part of a show this Monday at Fashion Week.

Anyhow, back to competition, She did well. Bre placed in all 4 of her dances. 3rd in Lilt, Sword and ST. 2nd in Fling. This was the first competition that she placed in the Sword and the first that she'd placed in 3 or more dances. So this was all very exciting. After awards we got her changed and packed up and were starting to gather things together. I had this feeling that I should be paying attention to the announcer and so I stopped what I was doing and moved closer to hear. They were announcing the winner of Most Promising Dancer. This is an award that is not given at every competition and the dancer can be from any group in the morning session. Lo and Behold.... they call ... #112. Bre was #112 and no longer was kilted. I grabbed her and ushered her to the front where they laughingly told her "we told you not to change" and my little dancer took her very astonished bow.

So proud... she didn't know what it meant and I had to explain that both judges have to agree on a dancer that they feel shows the most potential. It's very exciting that they both felt it was her.

Overall it was a great day. We were finished with competition at 10:55 am, I don't really now what happens before noon at a highland games, and I got to enjoy the rest of the afternoon with my dad. The ride home wasn't bad either. Thanks for driving Dad! My nap was great.

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The DIY Show Off said...

Aw - what a great day and a cute little dancer! :)

The title caught my eye - I live in W. PA.

Nice to "meet" you!