Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wedding Two- before

This past weekend was very busy but very wonderful. The bride was a bit of a mess. But you can't blame her. As your wedding comes to fruition all the stresses culminate. She was pretty laid back and cool after the rehearsal though.

Friday I took a half day so I could help with the construction of the centerpieces. That was the easiest day of the three. Centerpieces took about 45 mins to do and then I was free for the rest of the day. I decided to use it by going to buy a dress for the rehearsal. Hurray for new clothes. I also found the best jewelry for Sunday from Target. Which on Saturday, I showed to the bride, and I saw her just melt. So instead of wearing it myself, she wore it. It looked amazing with her dress!

Saturday was fairly laid back. I slept in a bit and then headed out with the lady herself to get nails done. That is such a long process. K was more relaxed during that time then I have seen her in weeks. Good enough for me! Then it was home to pack for the sleepover and change for the rehearsal. Rehearsal went well. It was a bit frustrating to hear K's pushy in-laws ask her a million times if the girls should stand in height order, since the boys were. The answer never changed though. Good job K! After a bit more silliness from that, we headed home to pack K, drop cars off and head to dinner.

Rehearsal dinner: expected alot, given that it was at Confluence Park and we had to send an RSVP back to K's MIL. We'll just say it didn't live up.

The night with the girls was fun. We stayed up a bit to late and had a tiny bit of trouble getting going in the morning. Two of the BM's didn't come so there were 4 of us. Not too bad. Being the MOH I called the bed with K. Thank goodness I did. The other option was a pull out couch.

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