Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas in Missouri

So, I'm sure you remember that this year I spent my first Christmas away from my family. It was an experience!

Our flight out of Columbus left at 9:50am. Being prepared for lines at security and lots of people flying out, we left the house early and got to the airport around 7:45am. The lines were almost non-existent. We were checked in and through security by 8:10am. The time hanging out at the airport and the flight to Chicago went swimmingly. Knowing our layover in Chicago was 3 hours, we head off to find some lunch. We're sitting and eating some very bland, gross airport food and Brad gets a text message alert from American Airlines saying that our flight to Kansas City has been cancelled. Not delayed, but cancelled! We did not want to be sleeping in the Chicago airport on Christmas Eve, so there was some craziness that ensued. After paying our bill and making about 8 trips back and forth between two terminals to get us both new tickets, we finally got our tickets transferred to a new airline (Delta) on a flight going from Chicago to Detroit and then Detroit to KC. So to say the least we were going to be a bit later arriving in KC then expected. On the flight to Detroit we got first class seats which equalled free alcohol and extra leg room for my 6'4" hubs, Beautiful! Detroit to KC, lucky again with the emergency exit rows.

We arrived in KC to a full blown blizzard. Sweet, now for a 45min drive to Brad's older sisters house. Brad's mom was there to pick us up and fully ready to drive us 45 mins. The roads were awful, awful. But we made it, without our luggage, of course, due to the airline change. All church services were cancelled and the roads only looked like they were going to get worse so we headed to bed.

Christmas morning we woke up to more snow and an excited 3 year old, ready to see what Santa had brought while she was sleeping. Cora (3 yrs) and Mira (7 months) were so wide awake and pumped. Santa did not disappoint! To see Cora, so excited and overwhelmed, was such a treat. Brad's younger sister (my BFF from 5th to 10th grade) came over and got her car stuck at the end of the street. But Christmas morning was very nice. I missed my family a lot, a LOT, but felt pretty good for being with Brad's family and letting him enjoy Christmas with them.

After presents, we relaxed and watched a movie. About halfway through the movie the airport delivered our luggage! Delivered? I didn't know they did that. It was nice to not have to drive back to the airport to pick it up. So all in all the first day of the trip was eventful and crazy, sad and happy, and very different for me. But good, nice and enjoyable.

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