Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weekly Update - 33 weeks

How far along: 33 weeks

Total weight gained:

Maternity clothes: Love them. I haven't worn anything non-maternity this week. So I think I'm pretty much out of them.

Sleep: I'm getting up a lot during the night and recently had to put an extra pillow under my head to help with acid reflux. It's better now. Getting up about 4-5 times a night.

Best moment of the week: Two good days this week, my birthday and a mini shower at work. :) Oh and I got to have lunch with Brook and see her cute little baby bump.

Movement: Still a fair amount, especially after I eat and in the evening when I"m winding down in bed.

Gender: It's a girl and we may even have a name. We'll have to wait and see though.

Labor signs: None yet, Brook says I'll know when Braxton Hicks start, so they must not have started yet.

Belly button in or out: Flat today

What I miss: Not having a belly. :) I was looking at progression pictures and at 4 weeks...., man oh man, do I feel big now.

What I'm looking forward to: This weekend is my baby shower in Ohio. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone and hanging out.

Weekly Wisdom: Extra pillows are your friend.

Milestones: She could probably function with out much help if she came now.

What's happening with baby:

What's happening with you:

How are you feeling: Feeling pretty good. I am drinking so much water. At night everytime I wake up I feel parched so I drink. I went through an entire water bottle last night and therefore had to get up a million times. I'm just starting to get uncomfortable. Friday was an uncomfortable day. She's been really active and right up close to my ribs but not in them. On Monday I went to the accupuncturist and had her treat me for heartburn. I got a take home accupressure needle on my ear which I take off on Saturday. I've never had one of those. Monday is an appointment so we will see how much weight I have gained and everything. Hypnobabies is going well. We fall asleep to the scripts most of the time but they say that's ok. Hopefully it's still doing its job and we'll be good to go. We recieved two cloth diapers and covers in the mail and practiced diapering a teddy bear. It's gonna take some practice but I'm sure we'll get it. :) All is good in our household. Brad is going to try to get the mural finished this weekend so I will get pictures up once that is done. Baby shower here we come!

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