Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas party and tree decorating

Friday was a busy day for Brad and I. After I got off work we met most of the people in my office for our office Christmas dinner at Outback Steakhouse. Afterwards Brad headed back to the apartment and I headed out to find the elusive Christmas tree stand that I had been searching for for three days. I found one and Target and headed back to drag my husband out into the cold night to purchase our first Christmas tree! It was freezing out. I felt horrible for the two guys manning the lot. We got the tree and in the house without too much kitten intrigue. Once those lights started going on however, they were all about the tree and the water in the base. Anyhow, it's up and decorated and beautiful. The wine we drank while decorating was decent and the music was actually pretty bad. But the apartment finally looks Christmas ready. :)
Doesn't he look excited about our tree?
It's so pretty!
This is Neala showing off the kittens stockings.

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