Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Let's have a sleepover!

Saturday, Brad and I picked up JJ, our nephew, to keep over night while his parents went to a concert. We picked JJ up at about 3pm and ran a few errands. We took him to the apartment and after he ran around and checked everything out and said hello to Gaius and Neala, then we put him down for a nap. At 5 we had dinner and then cookie mania began. JJ was a wonderful helper with the rolling out of the dough. By the time we were finished he was an excellent cookie cutter. We made about 5 dozen cutout cookies. Of the 5 dozen, JJ probably decorated 8 cookies. Everyone was over and it was so nice to have a full apartment and have everyone together. JJ spent the night and we went to church Sunday morning with mom and then out to breakfast. It was a nice night with JJ but we were happy to give him back Sunday. I think Gaius and Neala were not sad to see him go either. :)Naptime.
Sleepy dinner, "I have to do what right after I was woken up from my nap?"
What a good helper!