Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our little family

So I thought I would introduce our kittens after talking about them in the last entry. We have two kittens. Gaius and Neala became a part of our family in early July of this year. They were both tiny when we got them and are now about 6 months old. Brad picked out and named Gaius and I picked out and named Neala. We are both unbelievably attached to them and I know I look forward to coming home each day and seeing Gaius meet us at the top of the stairs for head scratches. Neala is the brains of the duo, though she is the more quirky, cautious and skittish one. We have more pictures of Neala because she always seems to be doing something silly or weird. Gaius is a boys boy, laid back and cool. He will sleep under the blankets with you if you let him. They are both very lovey and sweet. And now for the pictures.Hello Neala!

Meet Gaius!

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