Wednesday, March 25, 2009

1st of good news!

So last night was a very normal Tuesday night for me. I teach dance from 6-9 almost every Tuesday and this Tuesday was no different. So mom and I headed to her house after work so she could change her clothes before heading to dance. While she changed, I asked my brother how his first day of his new job went. (well overall, coworkers are what really make it). She waltzed into the room with cell phone to ear saying congrats to someone on the phone and for some reason I got the feeling it was Brad. I had left my cell in the car so I had not recieved the text reading: "I just got some really bad news..............the Dean's scholarship I received along with acceptance to Capital Law is ONLY $10k. sucks right? :)"
That's right Law school. We have been being sly about it so we didn't have to tell a lot if it didn't work out. It's pretty much a for sure now though, as long as we can work out financial aid. He applied to 4 schools total and this is just the first we have heard from, so there is still some waiting to do....... but I'm soooooo happy for him!!!!!!!!

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Christine said...

Awesome! Law School - that's so grown up :)