Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I got to wear a dress today, without a sweater. I'm so glad warm weather is really here, well minus the crazyness of Ohio weather. It's 72 now and going to be 40ish tomorrow.
This picture isn't me, but....

I'm currently going to physical therapy twice a week for my feet and left knee. My PT thinks that i may have a torn or frayed miniscus in my knee. We're working on strenghting my hips to help that. He's saying no surgery right now. :)

My feet have been kind of a mystery to everyone I have seen about them. I've seen multipule people over the last 10 years. They all have believed that my pain and issues were related to my plantar fascia (big tendon that supports your arch). My PT now, after consulting with a person that works with BalletMet, thinks that it has to do with the tendon and muscle that run under my big toe. I'm interested to learn more about this and have a laundry load of questions for him when I go for my PT session tonight. He thinks things can improve in the next 4ish weeks though, so thats great news.

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