Tuesday, March 24, 2009

37 in 365

So I ran across this project that some people are doing call 101 in 1001. Basically you make a list of 101 goals that you want to complete in 1001 days (which works out to just under 2.75 years). I decided that being a newlywed my life would be changing to much in the near future for project that long. So I decided to do 37 goals in 365 days. I think it's a reasonable endevor. We'll see how it goes.

I decided to keep myself honest and accountable I would post and track it on here. I'm going to see if I can figure out how to list it down the side and update it regularly but for now.... here's my list in no particular order.

37 in 365
  1. Clean out purse 1 time per month (0/12)
  2. Clean out and wash car 1 time per month (0/12)
  3. Try 3 new recipies a month (0/36)
  4. Stretch 2 days a week other then Tuesdays (0/104)
  5. Call Grama 2 times a week (0/104)
  6. Plan for a baby (ex: start a savings account, read books)
  7. Have 5 picnics in different places (0/5)
  8. become a volunteer at CAHS
  9. Get passport
  10. Read 3 classic books (0/3)
  11. Walk with Brad 3 times a week for 2 months (0/24)
  12. Host or attend a girls night once a month (0/12)
  13. Have dinner with some friends (couples) once a month (0/12)
  14. Clean and organize cat room
  15. Save $200 for salon day
  16. After June, go to stylist for consult and get new hairstyle
  17. Get ring appraised
  18. Update Resume
  19. Take 1 picture a day for 365 days (0/365)
  20. Make wedding ablum
  21. Create time capsule with Brad to open on 25th anniversary
  22. Have date night 2 times a month (0/24)
  23. Get a shredder
  24. Lose 4 pounds (considered lost if stay below --- for 3 months)(0/4)
  25. Save all change, cash it in at the end of 365 days
  26. Move by November 09
  27. Journal 1 time a week (0/52)
  28. secret
  29. Get one more house plant, keep it alive
  30. Pack lunch at least 2 times a week (0/104)
  31. Get a picture for bedroom once moved
  32. Secret (0/5)
  33. Secret (0/12)
  34. Help mom organize - 5 days after McGinnis II moves out (0/5)
  35. Make lesson plan for 10 Tuesday nights (0/10)
  36. Pay off Vibe asap ($0/$1238)
  37. Make a photo collage of 365 project

I will start my list as of April 1st, 2009.


Christine said...

Jason and I would be happy to come over and hang out for a couples night. Or I can come over for a girls night. Just let me know!

Jim said...

I like #6!

Brook said...

I could make you a house plant - we have spider plants at work & they have babies all the time...I harvested one for Brett & it's doing great. Let me know if you're interested. :)