Monday, October 5, 2009


The "new girl" in my office, who happens to sit right next to me AND we have been sharing supplies until she gets all hers that are on order, has H1N1. It's funny how you hear about these things and you don't think that any one you know or come in contact will ever get something like that. Well she did and she came to work with it. In her defence, her kids have croup and she thought it may be that and she's been off for 3 days already and doesn't have any sick leave built up yet. Now of course, we all wonder... incubation time? When will we know we don't have it?

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kilax said...

Yikes! They make such a big deal about H1N1 at my office, that if someone got it, they would immediately be in quarantine! I hope she has a mild case.

P.S. I found you via Adventures in Holy Matrimony!

- kilax