Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Last year, about this time......

Last year, about this time........

We had the apartment all decorated for Christmas. Everything was looking all cozy and pulled together. We were preparing to leave for Michigan to go to the annual Madrigal Dinner Concert, one of our Christmas traditions.
Our kittens still looked like they were teens. Erin and Jake were just about to get engaged. Erin and Jake are married now.

Our apartment is, in the words of Katy, "Frat-tastic", which is so true. The green couch has gone to Erin and Jake. There are boxes everywhere as I get ready to start packing for our move. We currently have a horribly uncomfortable futon as our seating in our living room. The apartment is just in shambles. It's crazy to live in!

Sorry for the horrible picture quality. I took them with my phone. Here's another.

But.....Remember that hole in our ceiling? The one that formed last September? It's finally been fixed. About two weeks ago the painting guy came and smacked some Spackle in there, sanded it down (got dust EVERYWHERE), and then added the texture. Our ceiling is not prefect still, heaven forbid they fix it correctly, but at least there isn't a hole. Picture to come for that.

So much can change in a year. What has changed in your life in a year? I know most of my friends have had MAJOR life changes.

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