Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wedding Three

We spent the night before hanging out at a hotel with the girls. Friday morning we were up and eating waffles. Hair appointments started at 10 and with 6 girls to get hair done, I was impressed with how quickly we were done. Hotel rooms were clean and packed up and we were out of there by 2:30. After a quick stop at Panera, we had lunch in hand and Erin tucked away minutes before Jake and company rounded the corner to the church.

After we ate, Kelly and I steamed the dresses. Let me say, I have no idea how I have lived so long without a steamer! It was amazing. We did makeup and accessories and got dressed with the photographer flashing away. It was nice and relaxed, a tiny bit rushed, but not stressful. Getting Erin's dress on was fine. Thank goodness for a crochet hook for all those little elastics to go around the buttons. She looked beautiful. Everything about her look was just right and perfectly her. She just radiated happiness.

We took some pictures before the ceremony and got in some good laughs. Erin was obviously having a blast getting photos taken. And the ones that I have seen are awesome. Here is an example. ...
What did I tell you? Stunning!

The ceremony was pretty funny since nobody really knew what was going on. They said vows, lite the unity candle, were pronounced husband and wife, and gave a big smooch. Everything was great!

The reception was a blast. No one fell down the stairs during the announcements. Everyone ate yummy food. JJ even had seconds. The first dance came off fairly well with some of the steps I taught them. Kelly caught the bouquet and Ryan caught the garter. Erin and Jake smashed cake in my and Josh's faces instead of each others. That got a laugh. We danced lots, polkas and not. The best part..... we didn't have to clean up afterwards!!!!

So, that was the short of it. Everything was wonderful. The two of them looked beautiful and sooooo happy. And now I have a second brother. Congrats Jake and Erin!!!!!

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