Tuesday, December 15, 2009

To begin soon.

Is it sad that it's December 15th and we have only really bought for my younger sister in law and youngest niece? We have definitely put off Christmas shopping this year. I feel bad shopping for Brad's family without him and I feel like I can't shop for everyone else until he's ready. I don't know I'm weird I guess. Finals will be over tomorrow though, so the moving and shopping will begin. I did accompany my mom and dad while they did some of their shopping this weekend. While out, I saw this and couldn't resist it for our youngest niece, Mira. Amy, if she already has it please let me know.
Now we have to find something that is as much fun for Cora. I'm sure we'll manage but I'm a little stumped. I haven't had to shop for a toddler girl yet. I'm looking forward to it though. Come on Thursday!


Cortney said...

Hey stranger! We got that toy for Stella for christmas too, I can't wait to see her reaction :) Don't feel bad, we've finished the kids but have not done any shopping for anyone else yet....oops!

Brook said...

Corinne got that from her Great-Aunt Tina, we haven't gotten it out yet though...saving a few toys to give her throughout the year. :)