Monday, November 30, 2009

The Rehearsal.

So this weekend, which was the longest we've had in a while, seemed like the shortest!
Wednesday I took off work to be available for Erin. We got our mani's and pedi's with most of the girls in the bridal party. I finally got to see the reception site. So much better on Friday then it was on Wednesday. Then it was off to the rehearsal.
The rehearsal went well. I always think it's funny that it takes almost as long to practice as it does to actually get married and you don't actually do most of the work. We weren't there too long and it went fairly smoothly. Dinner was very nice, if crowded. We (the girls) got cute little monogramed tote from Erin as our gifts. It's a really nice little bag and I plan to use it on my upcoming trip.
Thursday is a blur. We cleaned and preped in the morning. Dinner was at 4 at my parents and was for everyone who wanted to come. 10 showed up. Then at 6:30ish 4 more showed up. 7:45 we started running. Running to my apartment for shoes, Erin's apartment for makeup and picking people up, then off to the hotel.
Thursday night we hung out with the girls. We played some games, hung out in the hot tub, didn't eat White Castle, which was the only thing open. It was a nice way to spend the evening before her big day.

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