Sunday, May 2, 2010


I feel like this picture represents the number of people I know who are pregnant or have babies under two years old. It's funny how as you grow up, you and everyone around you go through stages.
A few years ago everyone I knew was graduating from college and moving into their own place. Getting new "real" jobs and growing up.

Then everyone was getting engaged, planning weddings, getting married and growing up.

Now everyone I know seems to be trying to get pregnant, getting pregnant, growing babies in their bellies, having newborns and learning how to be parents in real life. Oh and growing up.

Will I always feel like when we reach that next life stage, that we're growing up? Or do you reach a point where you feel like a grown up? Will everyone I know continue to reach the same stages of life around the same time? I love life and how you grow and change with it. I also love the predictability and unpredictability of it.


Cortney said...

Well shoot, I was hoping for some kind of news with a title like that!

ElvisS_Scholten0188 said...

Thx ur share........................................