Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Show

It's that time of the year. SUMMER MUSICAL TIME! It starts out with auditions Memorial Day weekend. I never audition but always go to support Erin as she auditions. Jake usually goes too, so we have a good time discussing the other people there and hanging out. Then chorus rehearsals begin. 100 people hanging out in the choir room, waiting until it's our turn to run our part. This year there is no waiting because there are no parts. It's very strange to sing with this group of people without parts. However, we get to sit next to who ever we want to..... even a boy!
Brad is not doing the show this year. Partially because of the craziness that is our life, partially because of the show that was chosen this year. That's right folks, we are doing the second show in 3 years to have the most kids ever in it. This years show is.....

I don't think I will do this show again if I'm around the next time they choose to do it. Next year is Ragtime, an interesting choice for this group.

It's interesting to see all the old faces mixed in with the new high schoolers and people that have never done a summer show. Some I like, some I wish would just go home and some that I hoped would be back are not. I know there are a few people that usually do the show that have chosen not to because of the show being Oliver. However, with Oliver they can guarantee to get butts in the seats. Overall, I think I will still love the experience.

So, in conclusion ..... Oliver, the weekend after July 4th, sweet!

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Finding Purpose in the Pain said...

I SO wish I was doing the show but am trying to work 5 jobs & it just isn't going to happen this summer:( I would love to hang out with you guys one night though. Let me know if you are going out anywhere after rehearsal!