Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Winter what?!?!

Welcome to winter, I guess. Friday they are calling for flurries. Can you believe that?! I'm not ready for snow. I'm just starting to look forward to Christmas, but that doesn't mean that snow is in my plans yet.
I mean, who doesn't love wearing sweaters and cuddling by the fire. However, with a belly on the way, I'm not looking forward to growing out of my warm coat and wondering if I'm going to be hot or cold, do I need short sleeves or a parka. Although, in my office you always need a parka.
Actually, I'm starting to really look forward to Christmas. It's my favorite season to decorate for and food to eat. I feel all cuddly and warm during Christmas. Thinking about the Christmas shopping just makes me excited. I mean, what girl doesn't like to shop and who doesn't like to shop for other people. It just makes me smile!
I hope everyone is ready for some cold weather. Get out those scarves and hats. I wonder where mine are?

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