Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Curls vs.Towel

When I first decided to start playing with my hair I found a book called Curly Girl at a local bookstore. I read it and thought about it but never actually applied any of it. I didn't really know where to start. It did help me to classify my curl type though. This is very helpful if you get involved with any of the discussion boards on My curl type is 3a or b. Erin's is a 2. Click here to figure out what your curl type is. Last May I found a website, ( for short), and it changed my life.

Curly Girl taught me about my hair. So did Tiffany, who is a hair stylist in Florida. I learned tons through her page. Another source that I used was Laura Lee. Both of these bloggers are curlies and are using the Curly Girl method even if they modify it sometimes (soap bars, low poos, you'll learn more about that later). Curly Girl method consists of not using silicons in your conditioners and stylers, and breaking up with your shampoo. It has lots of other stuff involved and can seem daunting to start but here are a few pointers to start. First, even before breaking up with your shampoo, break up with your towel.

Curly hair needs more moisture then straight hair. Towels pull as much moisture out of your hair as possible. This lack of moisture is in part what causes frizz. So for my sanity and your hairs, make your hair a no towel zone. I clip my hair up after I rinse my conditioner out while I dry my body then do the rest of my routine upside down to stay mostly dry and get the most curl possible.
So for now, continue what your doing and just switch from using a towel to dry your hair to one of these.
I just use one of my old t-shirts. I turn that bad boy inside out, put one hand in the neck hole and one in through the bottom of the shirt and use it to scrunch out the water, rotating the t-shirt as it gets too wet. Scrunching out the water instead of wrapping the t-shirt around my head like a towel promotes curl formation too. Two great things just from changing one thing that you don't even spend any money on. Gotta love that!
So starting today, don't touch those tresses with a towel, from now until the end of time. Starting you out easy. Don't worry I'll get you more involved soon. Test this out today and let me know what you think.

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Christine said...

just tested it out - hasn't dried yet. just wanted to share that I'm trying this.