Thursday, July 15, 2010

Throw that brush away!

This is going to be another day of things you can change while still using your current hair care products. I know for some people they are loving their products but not their hair in the end. So the tips today you can still use what you have and see if you get any better results.

Did you know that curls and brushes don't mix? Curls get tangled by wind and movement and everything it seems. Brushes get the tangles out but they also pull your hair, pull it out, break it off and break up your curl pattern. All of these things encourage frizz for us curlies.

Today I'm going to give you two tips.
1. Toss that brush. Don't just put it away thinking that you won't use it anymore. Don't hide it under your sink. (Out of sight, out of mind right) Throw it in the trash can. If you think there is a chance that you'll throw it in the trash can and then pull it out right before trash day, dunk it in the toilet and then toss it. :)

You have everything you need to detangle your hair in your hands. Because curly hair is more fragile then straight, it should never be brushed or combed when its dry. When do you brush your hair most? For me, it was when it felt tangly and awful at the end of the day, Dry!

Most curlies only comb their hair when it's saturated with conditioner in the shower. Some use their fingers to finger comb, some use a wide tooth comb. I do both. I finger comb in the shower and then once I get out I use a wide tooth comb on my sopping wet hair. I sometimes don't comb out of the shower. It gives me huge clumps and I prefer my clumps to be a little more broken up. Play with a variety of choices. Finger comb, wide tooth comb, in the shower, after the shower, all of the combinations. Just, please, throw that brush away.

2. Apply your product to dripping wet hair.

This works best for me. I always apply my leave-in conditioner and my frizz control to dripping wet, just combed hair. Gel, depending on what it is and how it's worked in the past, I apply one of two ways. One way is to scrunch out as much water as I want to and then scrunch in my gel and let air dry. My preferred way, most often, is to scrunch in my gel or styler and then scrunch out the extra water with my t-shirt then air dry. Some people with curlier hair then mine will finger comb all their product in instead of scrunching. Alot of the CG (Curly Girl) method is trying a bunch of different techniques and seeing which ones work best for you.

Applying your product to dripping wet hair helps to keep those clumps together and believe it or not, helps to distribute the product through your hair more evenly. If you feel like you've pulled to much product out of your hair when you use your t-shirt, go ahead and apply some more after your done.

Ok, there is your next step to try. The next post will start to get more in depth about CG (Curly Girl) and what it's all about. I'm trying to give you smaller doses so that it may be more manageable and less overwhelming. I know when I started it was very overwhelming. Good luck.

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