Thursday, July 8, 2010

Slacker, That's what I am.

So my life hasn't been unmanageable, busy or full of drama. Really I've just been lazy on the blogging front. This will be an update post.

First off Oliver is this weekend. Tonight is dress rehearsal. The show is coming together, more slowly then the director would like, I'm sure, but coming together. Costumes are finally done. My dress was in the making for weeks. You'll have that when you have over 100 people in the show though. Brad is not doing Oliver this year but I'm trying hard to convince him to be involved next year in Ragtime. I think I may win him over.

Last Thursday was Brad's birthday. He turned 33. It's funny to see the amounts of happy birthday wishes that are received on Facebook. So many people that you never talk to, maybe FB stalk once in a while, decide to swing by and give you a happy birthday wish. It's strange really. Anyhow, the family pitched in and got him a PSP. I think he likes it. I've played with it a bit and it's kind of fun.

The latest update on school is Brad has decided to withdraw. So we are back into limbo, kind of. He had an interview on Tuesday and is waiting to hear back on that. Hopefully we'll know by the middle of next week. It seems to be a great fit for him in a Children Literacy Lab. Send those prayers out for him.

Life is moving along. The summer seems to be flying by.

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