Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blogger Awards

So because Erin over at Wedding Planning Memior tagged me in Honest Scrap I'll oblige cause she's so freaking awesome... and my sister and all.

1. I married my best friend from 5th through 8th grades older brother. never saw that coming back then.

2. I can't imagine living far from my family. Brad is pretty good at it. I think I would be devestated.

3. Brad and I have two cats. Neala (lovingly known as Meowla) and Mr. Giaus. He was just Gaius but over time the Mr. was added and now he's only plain Gaius when he's in trouble.

4. I have been married for 423 days.

5. My hair has become a bit of an obsession for me. Although I'm getting less obsessed I think. Erin thinks it's weird. But then she doesn't have curls.

6. I have a tattoo... Just 1 for now. My sister has one that matches... kinda. We got them 2 years apart and mine is on my left foot... Hers is on her right. So we make a pair. It's of the trinity knot or dancers knot. I love it.

7. I love pasta. Pasta and alfredo sauce.

8. I'm excited that Brad is going to Law School. I'm excited for him, but I'm excited for me too. I get to really have time to read again.

9. Every time I think I want to retire from actually dancing to just teaching, I have another show to dance at. I love it. After 18 years it's still one of my favortie things to do.

10. I need to keep a planner. I am the master at double booking myself. Ask any of my close friends.

So there you go... 10 random facts about me.

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