Friday, August 14, 2009

Wedding Season

So can I just say how honored and excited I am to be in the upcoming two weddings! Katy's wedding is just days away. The dresses aren't nearly as bad as I dreaded they would be and I may just spray tan my way to looking acceptable in it. Katy has lent me the cutest pair of shoes to wear with it and I'm pumped. Now to just get it altered, which I'm going to my fitting tonight.

I just realized that I have two speeches to write in the near future. I better get cracking on the first. Both of these girls mean so much to me that the speeches will be easy to write. Hopefully I can get through saying them with as much grace and as little tears as possible. I've become a bit more of a sap since getting married myself, so we'll see.
Erin's wedding is a little further away (November). But closer by far then it was three weeks ago when the date of the wedding was in March. We place the order for our dresses today or Monday. I'm super excited about this dress because I got to pick what I wanted. It's beautful. I would have worn whatever she would have chosen for me because neither of these days are about me, but I'm very glad I got to pick it. This is the dress I'll be wearing for E's wedding.

Both weddings will be beautiful, I know because I'm in on the planning of both. That's what happens when your the MOH. I just can't wait to see these girls glow on their wedding day. Congrats my lovely ladies!

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