Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Girl Talk

Do you remember when you were 14 and all you wanted to do was gossip with your girlfriends on the phone all evening long? Eventually your mom or dad would boot you off, but if you had your way you would stay on there all evening. It didn't even really matter what you were talking about. The topics could range from boys, girls, pets, clothes, school, after school stuff, the fact that your fingernail polish was chipping. Nothing was off limits or taboo. As I grew up the topics became a bit more racy, a bit more all encompassing. I'm still one of those people that feels no topic is off limits.
My girlfriends and I know sooooooo much about each other, it's actually pretty crazy to think about. Sometimes we get in a pattern where every time we get together it's this kind of bonding. One or the other of us needs it, to get something off our chest or be reassured that were not wrong or strange in our expecations in life. Sometimes it will be months until this kind of a session rolls around again. It had been a while for me and, let me tell you what!!! There is nothing like a good gab session with a girlfriend. It's just something that can't be fulfilled by your significant other.

Get your girl talk on!

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