Thursday, December 2, 2010

Friends rock my world!

This is Brook and I. We have been friends since High School. We went to college together and even worked together for a while as students. Brook graduated first and got a job. Shortly after I graduated Brook decided it was time to change jobs. When her position became available I applied and got it. It's been fun to work in an area that knows one of my friends so well. We were in each others weddings and have been there for each other through all of the big events in life. Brook is one of those people that we can not see each other for a while and when we do it's just like falling back into each other. One of those friends that pass the test of time. You just plop yourselves back into each others lives. We both know the other is busy and that we love each other and that's good enough for me. I take my Brook time whenever we can both fit it in.

Two years ago Brook's life got even more busy. This little precious bundle of love became a part of her life. Brook gave birth to Corinne late at night and I was there to see Brook and meet this beautiful baby girl as soon as I possibly could. Birthday parties and dinners with that family have changed quite a bit. Our relationship hasn't changed but what we talk about certainly has. :)

A few months ago I let Brook and a few friends and family know in person that Brad and I were expecting our first baby. I had this feeling that Brook was hiding a little something. About 2 months ago, I think, Brook met me for lunch and pulled out some awesome ultrasounds. She is pregnant too!!!!! Her baby's due date is 4 days after my baby's due date. It has been sooo cool to have someone who I'm so close with share in this pregnancy with me.

Yesterday Brook had her ultrasound to find out the gender and, ya know, check out the baby. After she got back she posted on Facebook that the baby was not shy and who wanted to guess if Corinne would have a little sister or brother. The responses started rolling in. EVERY single person guessed Boy, but not me. I just have had this feeling that it was a little girl. Shortly after dinner I got a phone call. Brook let me know that I was the ONLY one! The Only one to guess correctly!

We're having babies together. Baby girls! Oh the play dates to come. The next fun thing will be to see our bellies grow and then to see which baby decides that they will be the first to leave the comfort of their mommy's belly. I can't wait and I love sharing this journey with Brook. It's really soo much fun for me.