Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dreams during Pregnancy

In general I don't remember my dreams. Once in a while I will, but as a general rule, there is no recollection after I wake up. I've never tried to do a dream journal or anything to be able to remember them or interpret them. I just laugh when I remember them and enjoy the craziness of my subconscious.

Pregnancy, so far has held true to this rule. I've always heard that during pregnancy you have crazy dreams that even wake you up because of their weirdness. I think dreams are fun for the most part so I've kind of been looking forward to this part of pregnancy.
A few months ago I had my first "prego dream". In my dream I gave birth to a cat, not a kitten but a full grown cat. I found this very strange and was showing everyone I came across that I gave birth to a cat and no one else thought it was weird. In fact people were telling me, " No, sometimes people do that (give birth to cats)". After I came to terms with the fact that I gave birth to a cat, I got really upset because I didn't want another cat. I already had two cats and what I really wanted was a baby. Also, if I wasn't going to get a baby then why couldn't I have gotten a kitten. I woke up feeling flustered and quickly realized why. I had to laugh.

So last night, the next remembered dream, went like this. I was in the hospital in labor. Mom and Dad were with me because it was during the work day and Brad couldn't get there fast enough. I gave birth to a Pug. As soon as the puppy came out everyone; doctors, nurses, mom dad, me, scrambled to find a litter box because the puppy had to go to the bathroom. A litter box was found and puppy took care of business. Brad never made it to the hospital for the birth. Shortly after birth I was walking the new puppy on a leash, down a glass windowed hallway that looked out on a grassy courtyard, as I look out into the courtyard there is Brad standing with Tori (my parents dog, who he doesn't like) on an extendo leash. I stop and tap on the window to get his attention, he looks over and in an excited manner makes that arms crossed cradle signal to say ("Do we have a baby?!?!). I pick up the puppy and hold it up to the window and point to say (No, we have a pug puppy!). All I get in response is a understanding but confused look. The end.

What is up with dreaming about giving birth to animals? I tell ya, geesh.


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