Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nursery work has begun!

We have officially started working on the nursery! I will do another post with pictures of the progression. Dad is off this week ,on vacation, so he has been working on it a lot. Monday night Brad was sick so they didn't do much. Dad had taken the door down and removed the frame. Tuesday I came home from work and half of the carpet had been ripped up. By the time I came home from teaching dance Brad and Dad had cleared out the rest of the room (except the closet) ripped up the rest of the carpet, painted the first coat on all the walls, and were in the process of installing the new door. I was impressed. Yesterday consisted of sealing the wood floor before the carpet comes and getting the second coat of paint on the walls. The plans for the crib also came yesterday, so that project will get started very soon. Brad and I emptied out Squishy's little dresser so Dad could fix it today and then I went to bed.

Now is a sleepy time for me. I went to bed at 9pm last night and could be sleeping right now if given the choice. I hope my energy comes back soon. I may be out of luck though, since I made it through the whole first and second trimester without too much fatigue.

I can't wait to see her room tomorrow when I get home from work. I think the carpet will look great. It's going to be the second room in the house to have new carpet. I think next on the list is the upstairs hallway. I believe that Mom and Dad are going to put down wood in there, well bamboo. It should look really nice. It probably will be after Brad and I move out before the rest of the carpets are done, but they are working on it.

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