Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekly Update - 27 weeks

How far along: 27 weeks

Total weight gain: Still not sure, up 9 pounds at the last appointment, we'll see on the 31st.

Maternity clothes: This week was the last week for the one pair of non-maternity work pants. They had been holding out well and this week I wore them and I think I now have a tattoo of the button on my tummy. They have since been retired.

Sleep: Still pretty good. I tend to sleep on one side until I wake up to go to the bathroom and then I switch to the other side. I could feel a couple of times that I could have stayed awake but once I laid down I was out like a light.

Best moment of the week: Getting the carpet bought for the nursery

Movement: Getting stronger. She seems to move most shortly after I eat and then in the evening.

Gender: Girl

Labor signs: None, may have felt my first Braxton Hicks contraction this week.

Belly button in or out: In and so soft, it's weird.

What I miss: Back to missing being able to sleep on my belly.

What I'm looking forward to: Nursery carpet and door being installed and walls being painted. Plans for the crib should show up sometime this week also.

Weekly wisdom: Decorating plans for a nursery, with a husband like mine, have the possibility to change many time. Be open to the changes.

Milestones: Can't think of one.

What's happening with the baby: This week, your baby weighs almost 2 pounds (like a head of cauliflower) and is about 14 1/2 inches long. She's waking and sleeping at regular intervals, opening and closing her eyes and maybe even sucking her fingers. Baby's brain is very active now. Her lungs are still immature, but they would be capable of functioning - with lots of help- if she were to be born now.

What's happening with you: Second trimester is finishing up, but you may start to notice some new symptoms. An aching back and leg cramps may become common now. They are carrying extra weight now. Leg cramps may get worse as your pregnancy progresses.

How are you feeling: This week had a Monday holiday. We spent Monday scouting out carpet prices for the nursery. It was good to get started on that. I also spent some time with Mom and JJ playing Cooties. We all saw and felt the baby move which was fun to see with JJ there. Thursday was a snow storm that was predicting craziness and gave us only a bit of trouble. Book club was cancelled though, among other things. The week overall was really good. Saturday we decided on carpet, ordered it and set the installation date (Friday the 28th). After the carpet was officially chosen we headed to Lowe's for paint. Crocodile Dreams is the color the walls will become sometime next week. I feel like we are getting somewhere on the nursery.

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