Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekly update - 30 weeks

How far along: 30 weeks, it is kind of flying by now.

Total weight gain: +14 lbs at the last dr.s appt

Maternity clothes: exclusively in the pants department, Shirts are touch and go. Brad and I went to Lowe's with my dad to get lumber for the crib and I had to put him on belly watch. My shirt was a little short.

Sleep: I'm starting to not sleep quite as well. Hopefully it won't get worse though.

Best moment of the week: Squishy getting the hiccups. She got them Tuesday morning and it was the first time I felt them. She's had them one more time since then. So cute, especially compared to some of her hard pushes with feet or body parts that are starting to be a little uncomfortable.

Movement: Lots of big movements, like pushes that last for a few seconds, less "little" kicks and jabs. She's getting strong. I think she's flipped and I feel a little of the little movements (might just be squirming) that I used to feel down in my lower abdomen up to by my ribs now.

Gender: She's a pink and purple baby.

Labor signs: None yet.

Belly button in or out: Half in and half out, That little bit of out is sensitive though.

What I miss: Not getting heartburn. I'm getting it more often now then I was earlier in my pregnancy. Mostly when I'm laying down, but other times too.

What I'm looking forward to: Our trip to Missouri. I can't believe it's almost time for that.

Weekly wisdom: Get some Yak Traxs if your pregnant in the winter and actually use them. Slipping on the ice, even if you don't fall, doesn't feel so good on your lower belly.

Milestones: 10 weeks left, 5 weeks until she can breath on her own. Starting single number week count down next week. Weird!

What's happening with the baby: She's just growing and developing

What's happening with you: I'm just getting big and clumsy.

How are you feeling: Tired this week. It's been a cool week though. We decided that we are officially going to cloth diaper. After visiting friends of ours and discussing their experience cloth diapering their twins, we discussed more and it's the best decision for us financially and earth friendly. We also started the Hypnobabies program. I like it so far even though I tend to fall asleep to it. It makes me feel good that we are working on it though. People have started to tell me that I'm actually starting to look pregnant. It's funny to me that everyone else is only just now, at 30 weeks, starting to think I actually look pregnant. I'm almost done guys! We almost have a fully cooked baby! It's funny how people look at you early on in your pregnancy and let you know if they think you'll be big or small by the end. I was told both early on. I think I'm pretty small compared to some pregnant ladies. I guess it just goes to show you that no matter what, you never really know.


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