Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Birthday for me!

So I'll start out saying that today is my 29th Birthday! Happy Birthday to me! I think its amazing how many posts you get on your birthday through Facebook. Gotta love that little calendar notice thing on the side.
Now, I have never not looked forward to a birthday. They tend to sneak up on me because it's only the second day of the month. In February you can't see that it's coming on the calendar and then you flip the page and poof, it's the next day.
Anyhow, this year I'm having a hard time with it. It maybe that I'm almost 30 and 30 is officially grown up. Your supposed to have your act together by 30. I always thought I would have two kids by 30. I thought I would have a house by 30, a bedroom suite that matched, real furniture. I thought I would be comfortable in my life at 30. I didn't think I would be dealing with a husband going through law school, or living in my parents house again, or working diligently to pay off our debt.
I love that Brad has finally found something that really interests him and is pursuing that. I'm glad that my parents are kind enough to let us live with them until he gets out of school. I'm glad that I have a stable job with benefits. I'm glad that we have the ability to pay down debt hardcore. I'm glad that I have a great life, even if it's not the life that I imagined at 14 or 24.
So here's to a birthday that teaches me that not all dreams are meant to be fulfilled in your time. I'm still not loving turning 29 though. :)


Jim Essex said...

Happy Birthday!! and don't sweat the big 30....I've turned 30 twice, no big deal. You'll always be 16 to me. Love ya

Regina and Jim said...

Happy Birthday to you! You are still young and wonderfully cute! We are so glad you enjoyed the flowers..Hey if you get a chance please have Brad ready his Dad's blog..he might find it interesting :) Thanks Love ya