Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thankful Thursdays!

That's right! Today is finally Thursday!

  • Spring weather - I love the smell of spring, the sounds, the flowers, the rain, the sun..... I love it all.
  • Sneakers - I don't understand the Ugg trend. I was never a fan. I still am not. It's nice to see more sneakers around then Uggs or their knockoffs.
  • Nephews - I love my nephew. I love his laugh. I love how hard he laughed on Sunday when Erin and I were singing the Frog Song to him at Bob Evans and the how hard he still laughed as he, Mom and I sang it on the way home. Annd when we sang it with his daddy.
  • Date nights - that's right people, I have an upcoming date night. My hubby loves me and his prof told him to make sure not to do anything school related Friday or Saturday. If I didn't have a Mary Kay event for my sister to go to, we would probably be going away for Friday/Saturday.

Those are my thankful things. What are yours?

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