Friday, March 26, 2010


Did you know that it is Friday? Friday at 3:44 pm to be exact.

Yesterday was Thursday. Yesterday I did not do a Thankful Thursday post. I'm a slacker.

However, yesterday my hubs did make dinner. Well, after I reminded him that he had agreed to make dinner he threw a pork roast in the crock pot with some stuff. I don't know that I have ever mentioned to him that I don't particularly care for pork anything, bacon excluded. Not only do I not really care for pork but I like my meats seasoned, not just plain or rubbed with olive oil like the salmon that he makes. So anyways, I came home to a crock pot full of water and beans. Now, my dad is a big fan of bean soup, so I knew that he would love it no matter what. When dinner time rolled around there were plates and bowls on the table because Brad knew that it was more like stew then roast. Bean soup....... the same bean soup that my dad loves to make that only he and my brother ever liked. In said bean soup was a whole pork roast, not cut up or anything ...... just in there. I don't understand how this man has made it this long and hasn't learned that sometimes it's a good idea to find a recipe. After I smothered the pork with HP sauce and added a bit of season salt to the "bean soup" it was ok. Not ok good, just ok. I really do appreciate that he made food so I didn't have to but, I wish we liked things cooked similarly.

On another note, my brother and his family are moving this weekend. We will be moving them across town, not far but still, it snowed last night. I'm looking forward to seeing my little dude. Isn't this picture of him great?

This is soo JJ. I love him. Silly kid.

Hmm, there you go ... that's my post for the day..... enjoy.