Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wendy's Fail!

So today I got to eat some of my leftover birthday quiche for lunch. Since I only brought a normal sized piece of quiche, I stopped down at Wendy's to pick up a side salad. My quiche was just as good today as yesterday and then I opened my salad. I love that they come with croutons. I never used to like croutons, but now I love them. I pulled out my croutons and look at how delicious the look.
Don't the look delicious? When I flipped it over though........

Two months!!! Two months, really?? Thanks goodness it's just stale bread. That's right, two months expired and I ate them. They were too yummy to toss.

Do you eat things that are past the expiration date?


Cortney said...

Some things like milk, juice, applesauce, I won't touch if its even the same day it expires. I have made ground beef a few days after that date because it is actually a 'sell by' date and not expiration...but not often. I would have eaten the croutons too though :)

Christine said...

Totally depends on what it is. I found that organic milk has an expiration date that is two months from when i buy it, regular milk is like 2-3 weeks at most. The organic milk actually keeps past the expiration date too!
Eggs and bread I eat past the expiration. I just had some salad dressing that expired in 9/09. It tasted fine. Spices in my cabinet are almost always expired. They still taste fine, just not as strong if anything.